Wednesday, 27 July 2011

More data and status of future updates

I'm pleased to announce the next set of data release at - 1,741,080 records of linked RDF distributed under a Public Domain Data License.

  • This data is from two major UK record suppliers, RLUK and the British Library BNB. Both have indicated to us that they have no problem with records being redistributed as RDF, but would rather we did not redistribute Marc21. See a blog post on licensing for explanations as to why.
  • This dataset is bulk download only for now - we hope to have it in our triple-store in the future
Although major development work on the COMET project has ended, we will continue to open-up as much of our catalogue as possible, publishing and updating datasets over the next year using the open source tools we've developed. In particular, we hope to carry data from OCLC under an Open Data Commons attribution license and enrich all datasets with FAST and VIAF links. We've been experimenting with these for the past month and results are promising.

In a follow-up post, I'll explain how we decided which data could be shared.